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play football       ride a bike   make a snowman     make a model plane   fly a kite  cant  swim

1Bill can play football.

2Yaoyao can fly a kite.

3Joy can ride a bike.

4Andy can make a model plane.

5Binbin can swim.

6Lily can make a snowman.

7Can you play football? Yes, I can.

8Can you ride a bike? No, I can't.

9Can you swim? Yes, I can.

10Can you make a model plane? No, I can't.

11Can you fly a kite? Yes, I can.

12Can you make a snowman? No, I can't.


rainy        cloudy  snowy      windy sunny     umbrella weather   wow   lets

1What's the weather like today, Dad? It's sunny.Let's go and play football.
2What's the weather like in Shanghai? It's rainy.

3What's the weather like today?   It's windy.

4What's the weather like today?  It's snowy. Let's make a snowman.

5What's the weather like today?  It's windy. Let's fly a kite.

6What's the weather like today?  It's rainy. Let's make a model play.

7What's the weather like today?  It's cloudy. Let's ride a bike.


spring    summer  autumn   winter  hot   warm cool  cold  favourite   season

1,What's the weather like in spring?

      It's warm and windy.

2, What's the weather like in summer?

    It's hot and sunny.

3,What's the weather like in autumn?

      It's cool and windy.

4,What's the weather like in winter?

      It's cold and snowy.

5,What's your favourite season?

  Spring. It's warm and windy. I can fly a kite in spring.

6,What's your favourite season?

  Summer . It's hot and sunny.I can swim in summer.

7,What's your favourite season?

Winter. It's cold and snowy. I can make a snowman.

8,What's your favourite season?

Autumn . It's cool. I can ride a bike.




eleven    twelve   twenty    thirty forty   fifty thirteen   fourteen  fifteen    time


1,What time is it?   It's 7:40.

2,What time is it?    It's 11:30.

3,What time is it?

It's 2:50. It's playtime. Let's play football.

4,What time is it ?It's 11:10. Let's play football.

5,What time is it?It's 11:20. Let's fly the kite.

6,What time is it?It's 11:13.Let's ride the bike.

7,What time is it?  It's 12:40. It's playtime.  Let's go swimmming.

8,What time is it?  It's 12:15. It's playtime. Let's make a model plane.

9,Wolf, Wolf. What time is it?  It's 2:00 o'clock.It's playtime! Let's fly a kite.

10Wolf, Wolf. What time is it?

It's 1:00 o'clock.It's playtime!   Let's make a model plane.

11,Wolf, Wolf. What time is it?  

It's 4:00 o'clock.It's playtime! Let's go swimming.

12Wolf, Wolf. What time is it? It's 5:00 o'clock.It's playtime! Let's ride a bike.

13Wolf, Wolf. What time is it?

It's 3:00 o'clock.It's playtime! Let's play football.

14Wolf, Wolf. What time is it?   It's 6:00 o'clock.It's playtime!

Let's make a snowman.



get up    eat breakfast  go to school   eat lunch

go home    eat dinner   go to bed      when   every day   at

1,When do you get up every day?  I get up at 7:00.

2,When do you eat breakfast every day?  I eat breakfast at 7:20.

3,When do you go to school every day? I go to school at 7:40.

4,When do you play football every day?  I play football at 3:00.

5,When do you go home every day?   I go home at 4:30.

6,When do you eat dinner every day?  I eat dinner at 6:00.

7,When do you go to bed every day?   I go to bed at 9:00.


Sunny  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday   Friday Saturday   today

1,What day is it today?

 Its Sunday. Great! Lets play football!

2,What day is it today? Its Monday. Lets go to school!

3,What day is it today?Its Tuesday. Lets play football!

4,What day is it today?Its Wednesday. Lets fly the kite!

5,What day is it today?Its Thursday. Lets ride the bike!

6,What day is it today?Its Friday. Lets swim!

7,What day is it today?Its Saturday. Lets make a snowman.

8,What day is it? Its Monday.

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